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Got a bit of a craze for baking and so decided to give some cinnamon rolls a go…

Well taste is A+ but presentation ended up a C-

But practice makes perfect! Next time I need to roll the dough thinner and use a baking tray not a muffin tray as it said in the recipe so they can expand out rather than up. This time they’re tasty cinnamon cones…next time I’ll aim for cinnamon rolls.


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ta da!!

It’s been a busy week since I last added the photos of the red veltvet cupcakes in the making.  They were a Valentines success…here’s how they turned out…



I was so pleased with them and thought they would make a great Happy Valentines for our friends.  So a bit of cellaphane and ribbon and they were done.  A great fun little something :)





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Velvet Valentines

Valentines is coming up on Monday and so I fancied making some treats that I know my Hubby will love…and while I’m at it, some for our friends too.

And nothing says Happy Valentines more than Red Velvet cupcakes.

So with the fabulous distraction of my Jodie Picoult audiobook, it was baking time

And red velvet batter just looks so decadent when it’s made

scooped into cupcake cases

And then 20 minutes later

…they’re done! And as they’re cooling, just enough time to whip up some cream cheese frosting. And because it’s Valentines, I’m going to decorate them with that something special…cherries dipped in chocolate. Yum!!

This morning’s job is to decorate them…and sample them…but just for quality control of course!

Will post pictures later of the finished cupcakes.

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Incentives, originally uploaded by Denaré Design.

Taking a break from today’s jobs…I needed an incentive to get me through everything I have to do today, so taking a short break to lay out the design for an iphone case that has been ordered. So far so good, just needing a few more tweaks.

Back to the jobs now with the incentive of getting to finish the case to spur me on :)

What’s your incentive to get you through your ‘must do’ jobs today?

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My iphone needed a case…I had scraps of felt left that I’d previously made…and voila!! …one iphone case – with a few beads ‘cos I just can’t resist a bit of sparkle :)

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Bags of success!

Bags of success!, originally uploaded by Denaré Design.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who made my bag making workshop such a success and great fun. Everyone did brilliantly, came away with a successful bag and learnt something in the process…great day! :)

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New banner

New banner, originally uploaded by Denaré Design.

My banner arrived today. What do you think? It’s for my stand at the craft fairs that I’m doing between now and Christmas

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