5 years…

5 years…, originally uploaded by Denaré Design.

.. and they’ve flown by! It’s our wedding anniversary today. I couldn’t ask for a better hubby!!! Happy days :)


denare design felt bag (1), originally uploaded by Denaré Design.

Been so busy recently with making to get orders finished and to get ready for all the upcoming Christmas fairs.

This is the latest bag that I finished last week. Nearly kept it for myself but had to hand in over in the end….fortunately the person who ordered it loved it too :)


Abakhan is launching their new workshops booklet for the coming year and all of us tutors will be there today doing free demonstrations.

It’s my first demonstration so I hope it goes well.  It would be lovely if we can take lots of bookings from today too.

Time to get my things together and head off to set up.  Looking forward to today….will be great to have some time to try out all my lovely new wools that arrived yesterday.

If you’re in the area, come check it it out

Creative solutions

It never ceases to amaze me how creative people are and how their imaginations enable them to problem-solve and create in the most amazing ways.

I came across this great shoe storage system.  Now just trying to persuade myself I really do need one…good excuse to go and buy some more shoes :)

Have enjoyed the luxury of a couple of hours of catching up on blogs.  My parcel of felt supplies has just arrived so time to see all the lovliness that have come.  Will give you a sneek peek soon of all the new autumn/winter range

I’ve been waiting for my new display mannequin to arrive. Now can get on with taking photos of my new range of products for autumn/winter collection.

I was so excited to get the proof of my label sent to me this morning to approve! Can’t wait for them to arrive now. Am so pleased with how they look…perfect for my range of bags and scarves

busy working away on the Autumn/Winter range of bags and accessories sneak peak coming soon. In the mean time if you’re looking for some lovliness to add to your hand, then this ring might just be the one for you :)
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